Preview of framed poster.

Nastasi Racing

Completed: 24 Apr 2017
Dimensions: 420 x 297mm (Poster), 330 x 420mm (Shirt - Back)
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Pencil & Paper

Elevating Local Motorsport

Nastasi Racing is a family-owned speedway team for Super Rod driver, Michael Coad. The Super Rod category is a lighter and faster successor to the Heavy Weight Hot Rod category from the 1960's. Underneath each fibreglass small sedan body shell is a mild steel frame similar in design to a modern sprintcar. However, unlike a sprintcar, the Super Rods are self-starting and can move in both forward and reverse direction and race in a clockwise direction. Coad is regularly seen at the front of the grid in his black, pink and silver W55 car and is the winner of the 2016 Victorian Title and the 2017 Col Grist Memorial.

Rebecca worked with Nastasi Racing to create artwork for them to sell as merchandise at race meetings. The design places the W55 Super Rod front and center. The ribbon motif takes it's styling cues from the race livery and adds a chequered flag to the reverse side, a nod to Coad's success. A custom driver logo was designed to match the Nastasi Racing logo to create consistency. The colour palette was limited to black, grey and white with a pink accent to make the design "pop" and to make production more affordable.

The range of merchandise created for Nastasi Racing will assist them with operating costs. Fans now have a way to financially support Nastasi Racing with the flow-on effect extending beyond the team. When fans wear a Super Rod shirt at any future speedway race meeting, the exposure generated amongst a crowd of sprintcar fans will provide value to the Super Rod Association and help the category grow.

Image of framed team poster.
Image of front and back t-shirt designs.
Image of poster with animated design elements.
Nastasi Racing logo