Details of Ford XW SurferRoo print.

Beach Bound

Completed: 07 Feb 2021
Dimensions: 841 x 594mm
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

Beachside Muscle Flex

The SurferRoo was a concept vehicle produced by Ford Australia in 1969. According to Ford, only three of these vehicles were produced, although rumours of more vehicles exist. This vehicle, which is built from an XW Falcon utility, is notable for its oversized rear wing which would cater for surfboards or skis to be carried on top. While the car never went into full production, the name was later used as a trim option for the XB Falcon panel van in 1973. The SurferRoo tested the waters for more recreational vehicles to come.

While initially intended as part of a larger SurferRoo rebrand project, Beach Bound exemplifies the beauty of the 1970's Australian coastal lifestyle - sun, sand, surf and muscle cars. Much research went into bringing the SurferRoo to life - from badges and body panels, to cleaning up the logo used on the front quarter panel (The logo used on the restored car doesn't match the design of the SuperRoo.)

Framed Beach Bound print.
Comparison of the existing SurferRoo logo and the Beki Jade redrawn version.