Preview of Rise Noir.

Rise: Noir

Completed: 30 Mar 2021
Dimensions: 594 x 841mm
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

In the Darkness Lies Thy True Self

Rise: Noir was created in tandem with Rise: Pride to celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility (TDov) 2021. The Pontiac Firebird Trans Am was chosen for this project due to its iconic status as a muscle car and its reference to the word "trans."

Both prints use limited colour palettes with the Noir version making use of black and gold - the most widely known colour scheme for this vehicle. As such, a night scene made the best use of the colour palette and creates a complimentary perspective in the trans experience. The night symbolises darkness, silence and isolation - feelings one might experience when coming to terms with themselves. The phoenix crossing the moon's path symbolises a transgender or non-binary person's perseverance to keep moving and forge their own path, even when faced with a harsh spotlight and judgement.

Preview of framed Rise Noir print.
Close up view of Noir edition, showing detailed brush strokes.
Animation showing the progress of Rise Noir being developed.
Rise Noir logo